Trails End Ranch Appaloosas

TE Final Fantasy 

Snowcap Appaloosa Stallion
15.2 hands
1100 pounds
ROM in Halter
2008 World Qualifier 3 year old Stallions
2008 Year End Top Ten Finailist 3 year old Stallions
2009 World Qualifier Hunter in Hand Stallions
2012 Breeders Trust Enrolled

Genetic Testing
 Coat Color - Red Factor - e (only the red factor detected)
                        - Cream Dilution - n (No evidence for the Cream Dilution)
                        - Appaloosa - Lp/Lp (Homozygous)
Genetic Disorders -
                        - HYPP - n/n (Negative for HYPP gene mutation)
                        - HERDA - N/N (Negative for HERDA gene mutation)
                        - GBED - N/N (Negative for GBED gene mutation)
                        - PSSM1 - n/n (Negative for PSSM Type 1 gene mutation)


Click here for Tuffy's Pedigree,

Services offered:

Live Foal Guarantee
Live Cover & shipped semen available in 2013 breeding season
Mare Care
Stallion Fee is $750.00, includes $100.00 booking fee
Email contact for booking:
Paypal Accepted

TE Final Fantasy

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